World’s first comprehensive online database on Curcumin

About CRDB

Curcumin Resource database (CRDB) is the first-ever comprehensive, up-to-date database that exclusively covers curcumin analogs, their molecular targets and patents, Curcuma longa varieties and existing literature on curcumin. Launched in 2015, CRDB is an open-access database which is manually curated and cross-referenced with other databases such as PubChem, Scopus, Web of Science, PubMed, PatentScope etc to provide high quality data to users. It also allows submission of data from public that undergoes a peer-review process before entry into the database.

CRDB has been developed to present all relevant information on curcumin, which is widely acclaimed as an antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous compound.

Currently, the database has over 1100 curcumin analogs with their molecular targets and information of over 400 patent documents curated from public domain databases and published literature in peer reviewed journals. Moreover, it has around 172 varieties of C. longa and ~9100 curcumin–related publications published since 1919.

The database has a user-friendly web interface allowing hassle-free browsing, retrieval and download. Provisions have also been made for regular update of the datasets. This database is targeted for researchers working on various areas of curcumin research, as well as the common public.