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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CRDB?
Curcumin Resource Database (CRDB) is an integrated and curated repository of curcumin analogs and their molecular targets. CRDB also contains information of various international and national patents, journals on Curcumin and its analogs.
How often is CRDB's data updated?
CRDB is updated monthly.
How reliable is the data provided by CRDB?
CRDB is cross-referenced with other well-known public domain databases such as PubChem, NCBI, Scopus, Web of Science etc to ensure the superior quality of data it provides.
Is it difficult to browse the database?
No, CRDB has a user-friendly web interface allowing hassle-free browsing, gaining knowledge as well as retrieval and download of data.
How to save the data?
One can easily save the data in .pdf format using extensions available with popular web browsers like Google Chrome.
How one can deposit data on your Database?
By registering in CRDB, one can submit their datasets to the CRDB administrator. On approval by admin post verification of the dataset, the data will be added to CRDB.
How can I contact with your experts?
You can find in the upper left corner of the page feedback button, to request information or send general feedback. Complete the form; submit it and we shall contact you, if required.
When and how to cite CRDB?
Whenever you use data obtained from CRDB in a publication, you should either acknowledge CRDB with its web address or cite it within your bibliography. To cite CRDB, check out the “Cite Us” page.