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Publication No.EP0831726
TitleHealth food product
Publication Date01.04.1998
International Classification A23L 1/30
Application No.96920532
Applicant MARS INC
Google Patent Link EP0831726
AbstractA health food product (10) containing a first component in the form of a discrete portion (11) from a second component (12) provides enhanced in vivo oxidative defense indices and prevents or attenuates exercise-induced in vivo oxidase stress as indicated by cellular and/or tissue modification. The first component includes an antioxidant mixture containing a blend of antioxidants selected from all-trans alpha-carotene, a mixture of cis alpha-carotenes, zeta-carotene, phytofluene, phytoene, vitamin C, vitamin E and curcumin. Internalization and integration of the above nutrients within a lipid containing core of the food product facilitates absorption of the fat-soluble components in the gastrointestinal tract following consumption, increases shelf-life and minimizes degradation of these labile compounds by minimizing exposure to heat, light and/or oxygen, and prevents disadvantageous yellow/orange coloration of the outer material of the food product.