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31  CRDB_PT0031  Lipoxygenase inhibitors as hypolipidemic and anti-hypertensive agents EP1572185
32  CRDB_PT0032  Novel curcumin analogues and uses thereof EP1799213
33  CRDB_PT0033  Composition and method for facilitating the healing of non-healing and slow-healing wounds and ulcerations EP1827466
34  CRDB_PT0034  Process for producing enriched fractions of tetrahydroxycurcumin and tetrahydrotetrahydroxy-curcumin from the extracts of curcuma longa EP1933625
35  CRDB_PT0035  Composition for cosmetic or pharmaceutical-dermatological use EP2004235
36  CRDB_PT0036  Topical compositions for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory and/or infective conditions of the genital area EP2014295
37  CRDB_PT0037  Method to prepare pure curcumin EP2037762
38  CRDB_PT0038  Medicine for the treatment of acne and for reversing the signs of age and sun damage and method for using same EP2059214
39  CRDB_PT0039  Novel curcumin and tetrahydrocurcumin derivatives EP2076129
40  CRDB_PT0040  Novel curcumin derivative EP2123637
41  CRDB_PT0041  Intranasally administering curcumin in a bolus of helium gas to treat alzheimer's disease EP2136797
42  CRDB_PT0042  Compositions containing a phospholipid-curcumin complex and piperine as chemosensitizing agent EP2228062
43  CRDB_PT0043  Pharmaceutical composition presenting anti-inflammatory and anti-histaminic properties EP2229940
44  CRDB_PT0044  Method for increasing the therapeutic efficacy of curcuminoids and analogues EP2236150
45  CRDB_PT0045  Soluble complexes of curcumin EP2249852
46  CRDB_PT0046  Diterpene glycosides as natural solubilizers EP2276463
47  CRDB_PT0047  Water soluble curcumin compositions for use in anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory therapy EP2303328
48  CRDB_PT0048  Iontophoretic delivery of curcumin and curcumin analogs for the treatment of alzheimer's disease EP2306824
49  CRDB_PT0049  Niacin compositions for reduction of amyloid beta peptide 42 (abeta 42) production and for treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD) EP2310004
50  CRDB_PT0050  Dermatological pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of skin inflammation diseases, such as dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, alopecia areata, acne, psoriasis, pruritus or combinations of same EP2311454
51  CRDB_PT0051  Feed for poultry and swine EP2317871
52  CRDB_PT0052  A process for nanoemulsification of curcumin and derivatives of curcumin EP2346492
53  CRDB_PT0053  Curcumin nanoparticles and methods of producing the same EP2349237
54  CRDB_PT0054  Topical formulation(s) for the treatment of inflammation, skin and mucosal disorders and other diseases thereof EP2358378
55  CRDB_PT0055  Shunt delivery of curcumin for the treatment Alzneimer EP2359820
56  CRDB_PT0056  Hybrid -ionone and curcumin molecules as anticancer agents EP2361245
57  CRDB_PT0057  Long acting conserved natural functional groups curcumin EP2365956
58  CRDB_PT0058  Composition for the use to treat alzheimer' s disease EP2367529
59  CRDB_PT0059  Use of nitrogen-containing curcumin analogs for the treatment alzheimer's disease EP2382176
60  CRDB_PT0060  Antioxidant composition EP2397125
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