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61  CRDB_PT0061  Pharmaceutical composition presenting anti-inflammatory properties EP2408442
62  CRDB_PT0062  Nutritional composition comprising curcuminoids and methods of manufacture EP2410874
63  CRDB_PT0063  Curcuminoids and its metabolites for the application in allergic ocular/nasal conditions EP2410999
64  CRDB_PT0064  Curcumin analogs as dual JAK2/STAT3 inhibitors and methods of making and using the same EP2418943
65  CRDB_PT0065  Curcumin derivatives with improved physicochemical properties and nanoliposomes surface-decorated with the derivatives with very high affinity for amyloid-beta1-42 peptide EP2436673
66  CRDB_PT0066  Terpene glycosides and their combinations as solubilizing agents EP2445535
67  CRDB_PT0067  Compositions and methods for inhibition of cancers EP2451273
68  CRDB_PT0068  Inhibition of histone acetyltransferases by ctk7a and methods thereof EP2475769
69  CRDB_PT0069  Animal or human health food supplement for relieving and supporting joints EP2488049
70  CRDB_PT0070  Intravenous infusion of curcumin and a calcium channel blocker EP2501372
71  CRDB_PT0071  Synergistic effect of tocotrienols and curcumin EP2544683
72  CRDB_PT0072  Intravenous curcumin and derivatives for treatment of neurodegenerative and stress disorders EP2549981
73  CRDB_PT0073  Formulation of curcumin with enhanced bioavailability of curcumin and method of preparation and treatment thereof EP2555787
74  CRDB_PT0074  Oral care compositions EP2555829
75  CRDB_PT0075  Method for masking flavor of curcumin EP2559347
76  CRDB_PT0076  Pharmaceutical compositions comprising hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), curcumin, piperine/bioperine and uses thereof in the medical field EP2561868
77  CRDB_PT0077  Adhesive slow-release formulations for the local administration of curcumin EP2563351
78  CRDB_PT0078  Inhibidor desaturasa-5 delta y conversion de acido linolenico-gamma-dihomo a acido arachidonico ES2072387
79  CRDB_PT0079  Curcumin, analogues of curcumin andnovel uses thereof IL112205
80  CRDB_PT0080  Process for the synthesis of curcumin-related compounds IL124280
81  CRDB_PT0081  Compositions for treatment of cancer and inflammation with curcumin and at least one nsaid IL177447
82  CRDB_PT0082  Phospholipid complexes of curcumin having improved bioavailability IL193966
83  CRDB_PT0083  Adhesive slow-release formulations for the local administration of curcumin IL222616
84  CRDB_PT0084  Improver for aqueous body fluid and composition for oral administration comprising the same JP10114649
85  CRDB_PT0085  Hair nourishing tonic JP10194938
86  CRDB_PT0086  Prophylactic for animals having immature immune system JP11092363
87  CRDB_PT0087  Production of tetrahydrocurcumins JP11235192
88  CRDB_PT0088  Prophylactic or therapeutic agent for disorder caused by increment of lipoperoxide in vivo JP11246398
89  CRDB_PT0089  Lipid metabolism improving composition JP11246399
90  CRDB_PT0090  Separation method for boron in metal material JP2000088842
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