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91  CRDB_PT0091  Production of curcumins JP2000236843
92  CRDB_PT0092  Curcuma-containing edible oil and fat and method for producing the same JP2001086931
93  CRDB_PT0093  Antifungal and antibacterial treatment of fiber with turmeric extract JP2001131866
94  CRDB_PT0094  Inhibitor for matrix metalloproteinase activity and cosmetic for anti-aging JP2001139466
95  CRDB_PT0095  Curcumin-formulated agent, method for producing the same, use of the agent and applied product JP2001206844
96  CRDB_PT0096  Reduction type antioxidant and method for producing the same JP2001302530
97  CRDB_PT0097  Discoloration inhibitor JP2001342460
98  CRDB_PT0098  Chewing gum for preventing cancer of oral cavity JP2002020278
99  CRDB_PT0099  Oral deodorant JP2002097146
100  CRDB_PT0100  Curcuma-containing unsalted noodle for dish prepared with medicinal herb JP2002136267
101  CRDB_PT0101  Prophylactic and therapeutic agent against inflammatory intestinal disease JP2003055202
102  CRDB_PT0102  Antioxidant JP2003064360
103  CRDB_PT0103  Peroxisome proliferative agent-responding receptor ligand agent JP2003128539
104  CRDB_PT0104  Functional polybutylene succinate resin composition JP2003253105
105  CRDB_PT0105  Colored biodegradable aliphatic polyester copolymer, master batch and molded article JP2003327813
106  CRDB_PT0106  Nutritive assistance food containing eel bone marrow oil JP2004033073
107  CRDB_PT0107  Lipase inhibitor JP2004137190
108  CRDB_PT0108  Deterioration inhibitor for pickles JP2004147506
109  CRDB_PT0109  Agent for enhancing and promoting production of adiponectin JP2005060308
110  CRDB_PT0110  Deterioration inhibitor for kimchi JP2005124485
111  CRDB_PT0111  Adiponectin production promotor JP2005225872
112  CRDB_PT0112  Adiponectin production enhancer JP2006045210
113  CRDB_PT0113  Preparation for skin JP2006182680
114  CRDB_PT0114  Pain relief/anti-inflammation troche for oral mucosa JP2006347948
115  CRDB_PT0115  Therapeutic agent for irritable colitis, therapeutic agent for ulcerative colitis, therapeutic agent for crohn's disease, therapeutic agent for regional ileitis and therapeutic agent for sterility JP2007063138
116  CRDB_PT0116  Method for producing glucose glycoside of phenolic compound JP2007330112
117  CRDB_PT0117  Skin tone concealer for use in cosmetic and cosmetic containing the same JP2008050312
118  CRDB_PT0118  Preventing or treating agent of keratoconjunctival trouble, containing nrf2-activating substance as active ingredient JP2008110962
119  CRDB_PT0119  Polyester, polymer metal complex and polyurethane JP2008280418
120  CRDB_PT0120  Curcumin-containing turmeric drink excellent in dispersibility and precipitation stability, and method for producing the same JP2009028042
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