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121  CRDB_PT0121  Method for producing tetrahydrocurcumins JP2009045008
122  CRDB_PT0122  Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor ligand agent JP2009046481
123  CRDB_PT0123  Plant-vitalizing agent composition JP2009073772
124  CRDB_PT0124  Therapeutic agent for lewy body disease and prophylactic agent for lewy body disease JP2009084155
125  CRDB_PT0125  Cosmetic JP2009114176
126  CRDB_PT0126  Secondary bile acid-decreasing agent and utilization thereof JP2009227609
127  CRDB_PT0127  Method for separating and refining curcumins from turmeric powder (curcuma powder) by high speed counter flow chromatography JP2009236734
128  CRDB_PT0128  Protein nanoparticle JP2009249370
129  CRDB_PT0129  Rolling bearing JP2010196879
130  CRDB_PT0130  Curcuminoid synthase and curcuminoid production method JP2010200630
131  CRDB_PT0131  Curcumin analog having therapeutic or preventive effect on parasitic disease JP2010248119
132  CRDB_PT0132  Inhibitor of anaerobic fermentation JP2010265223
133  CRDB_PT0133  Adiponectin production enhancer JP2011001386
134  CRDB_PT0134  1,7-bis(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-1e-heptane-3,5-diol and method for producing the same JP2011051953
135  CRDB_PT0135  Menthol-containing food product JP2011055778
136  CRDB_PT0136  Agent for alleviating alcoholic fatigue JP2011105698
137  CRDB_PT0137  Shunt delivery of curcumin JP2011157357
138  CRDB_PT0138  Retinoic acid effect enhancer, lymphoma therapeutic agent kit using the same, active oxygen production promoter and immunopotentiator using the promotor JP2011190228
139  CRDB_PT0139  ??????????????????? [Agent for increasing the expression of malignant melanoma antigen, and use thereof] JPWO2009069668
140  CRDB_PT0140  Composition for inhibiting white hair and promoting induction of black hair comprising extract of asterina pectinifera having hair melanocyte cell activity and melanogenesis promoting effect KR100701272
141  CRDB_PT0141  Skin whitening cosmetic composition comprising gelatin peptide with melanogenesis inhibition effect KR100760875
142  CRDB_PT0142  Method of making a drink containing curcuma root extract using spirits without an emulsifying agent to dissolve curcuma root KR100802904
143  CRDB_PT0143  Method for manufacturing a porridge composition containing roasted tumeric powder reduced a bitter taste and a astringent taste KR100888543
144  CRDB_PT0144  Mixed composition containing curcuma root extract KR100902256
145  CRDB_PT0145  Cell protecting composition KR1019920004818
146  CRDB_PT0146  Extraction of curcumin KR1019920005687
147  CRDB_PT0147  Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of periodontal diseases and anti-inflammation KR1020000041190
148  CRDB_PT0148  Method of inhibiting cholesterol biosynthesis using curcumin longa l. or curcumin KR1020010002971
149  CRDB_PT0149  Novel curcuminoid displaying inhibition effect on Jun-Fos KR1020010007887
150  CRDB_PT0150  Synthetic momordinoid showing inhibition effect on Jun-Fos action KR1020010016542
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